Google is the dominant search in many markets. The algorithms the company uses are a trade secret that few people know. But what we do know is that it is changed almost daily, but bigger changes that drastically change are fewer. Now Google has announced that they are starting the deployment of the December 2020 Core Update.

As of now nobody knows exactly what changes the new updates does and how it will affects SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google has announced on Twitter that the deployment has begun and will take a few weeks to be deployed world wide.

Web Development is the gateway drug to software engineering. Especially in the early days in the 1990s you could just fire up Notepad.exe and start hacking together something that you could then publish to the world. The capabilities of browsers were very limited — the worst you could do was copy-paste a script that crashed Netscape. Boohoo.

After the web became commercially interesting the complexity of web applications started increasing. Critical business applications moved to the web, credit card details and other sensitive information was sent over the wire. …

Open Source software won. It’s everywhere from hackers’ workstations to smartphones to enterprise backends. At the same time the idealistic golden era for Open Source is arguably over. Free and Open Source Software is increasingly used as a vessel for proprietary services, and most successful FOSS projects are dependent on a corporate sponsor. This is not wrong, that’s just the way I see it is today.

The first decade plus of the new millennium was lead by enthusiastic and idealistic developers looking to change the world. This was an amazing time. Free software allowed a-man-and-a-dog companies to take on established…

CSS and support for it is pretty awesome these days. Without knowing too much I can quickly whip up some amazing visuals without wrangling dirty hacks and/or JavaScript workarounds. A coupla lines copy-pasted from the almighty w3schools does the trick.

However sometimes the seemingly mundane is hard. For this one specific case I wanted text to flow unnaturally just to make it look nice for the Ibexa Global Partner Conference 2021 landing page built by the marketing team using the Page Builder.

Any how, let me break it down to you real quick. I wanted the words “Ibexa Global” on…

Today marked something new for the JavaScript world. With the launch of Deno 1.0 there is now a viable alternative to Node.js on the market. After more than a decade of its launch Node.js is ubiquitous. It goes without saying it helped spark the JavaScript renaissance, but I feel it is also showing its age.

JavaScript has gone through a remarkable journey in the 2010’s from a browser scripting language to something that “powers everything”. A big part has been the rapid improvement of the core ECMAScript language specification with new features. …

When I was growing up using computers I was clueless about character sets. Mostly there were just US characters, and everyone converted the umlauts (Ä and Ö) and the A with the overring (Å) used in Finnish to their A, O and A equivalents. I guess you could call that transliteration, and we all did it because we had to. Technology evolved and we got more and more Äs, Ös and Ås in our digital lives. Everyone I knew was using Windows. Life was good. Then came the web and trouble started brewing.

I started my webmaster amateur career sometime…

Slack has become an integral part of many working environments. It’s flagship product is the extended chat service that aims to improve communication. The enhanced chat application with APIs for integrations with third party tools has seen immense success from startups with a handful of folk to enterprises like Blackberry, Bloomberg and VMWare adopting the communications tool at scale.

The messaging traffic going through this SaaS is incredibly large and the company has been able to keep it’s PHP powered backend chugging along fine under huge load reliably with it’s tech stack. This is a critical area, because people will…

WebAssembly is a technology that enables writing browser apps that are packaged to a binary format. These binaries are sent over wire to the browser and executed in a runtime, much like JavaScript. A key difference is that devs won’t write WebAssembly by hand — they will do so in a myriad of languages.

Writing WebAssembly requires a strongly type language, which is why C, C++, Java and Rust can be used to write programs that compile to WebAssembly. So, JavaScript’s heyday as the only browser language is over, but most web developers are used to writing JavaScript, and learning…

Next.js is a Universal JavaScript Framework that has been around late 2016. During this time the technology has attracted a large user base, with significant production deployments.

Meanwhile the JavaScript community has embraced TypeScript. Unfortunately the technologies have not paid together well, but this is set to improve.

With the launch of the fifth major version of Next.js the Zeit team is acknowleding the need for better support for TypeScript. The technology is growing rapidly, and the ECMAScript transpiler Babel will add TypeScript support in version 7. The two teams are working closely together to provide a first class experience.

Svenska YLE in Finland is reporting that authorities have raided the headquarters of OneCoin cryptocurrency in Bulgaria. The raid was a joint effort between local police, German police and Europol. Now it seems the main suspects have fled the country.

The cryptocurrency OneCoin surfaced in 2015. Some have considered it to be a ponzi scam from the very beginning. This was the reasoning for the authorities as well, they are now investigating OneCoin as a ponzi scam.

The Wikipedia entry for OneCoin describes the currency as follows:

OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme promoted as a cryptocoin with a private blockchain…

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